Here is what our customers have to say about our puppies


“Hi I am giving Martha a wonderful recommendation! My family and I got two sisters from her litter that went home before Christmas! We are crazy about Faith and Hope!  Not only are they absolutely Gorgeous… they are two of the smartest most well behaved girls ever! Martha is doing a wonderful job with her breeding, and you will be absolutely smitten with a puppy from her!  Not only did I gain two new family members… I also gained a friend!  I will attach a couple of pics as well!  Any questions don’t hesitate to Email me back!!!Best of Luck! –Dawn Santilli”

“We have a male golden from Martha.  He’s stunning, people want to touch him he’s so beautiful. He’s also very smart. It takes goldens a couple of years to quit being a huge puppy, some don’t lose it totally but that’s why they’re so endearing. We have two rescues as well or we’d gladly have another one of her dogs. May still get one and figure it all out later. – Mary Ann”


“I am a breeder that purchased dogs from Martha  of home of the golden paws. I frequently refer clients to her. I have had many busy was dealings with  her and she is a reputable business woman. On a personal level she has integrity, loyalty, honesty and good old fashioned hard work and values. I highly recommend her as a source for a great puppy.  Below is a dog Timber purchased from Martha. – Robin Thorpe”


“I bought Bentley from you in November 2013.  He is a big boy, so good and
so smart and certainly Mommys boy.  He has been the light of my life.  Don’t
know what I would do without him.  Thank you so much for making my life
complete.- Jerri Buck” 











“Our proud new addition to the family! Zander is our new male Golden Retriever puppy purchased from breeder Martha Philbeck  on July 29th. His daddy is Darby Mac Of Lakeland Farms Registation [# SR81433406 ]and his mommy is Whistlin Dixie Goldenpaws Registration [# SR86118901 ]. His is the start of our new breeding program when he becomes of age. Zander is absolutely beautiful,excellent confirmation,beautiful blocky head,silky milky white cream coat,pretty ears,straight tail,perfect dark black pigment nose,tail,eyes,feet,belly,nice top line,very atheletic,unbeatable temperament [loves everyone],obedient extremely well for a learning puppy, out going playful, clear of ICH and A+ for a clean bill of health ! What more could you ask for! Just want to say Thank You to top breeders like Martha Philbeck that still take pride in their dogs [best friends] dedicating years of time and practicing long hard hours into breeding for these exceptionally fine quality trates we have availiable in the Golden Retrievers today!-Vanessa Sturgil”