This book was written by Bob Cross and his daughter Margaret.
Illustrated by Martha Philbeck. Tells of a young boys struggles through life after loosing his parents to a fire. It is life in the early 1900’s when times were hard. His grandparents took he and his sisters in to finish raising. After the grandparents death they all go back to the home place to meet.


Tells of the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. Shows lots of pictures of the worm,
chrysalis and hatching. Tells how to find the worms, what they eat and how long it takes them to hatch. We have been blessed to witness this transformation.


Pictures of wildlife on the farm. First book that I did.


This is a book for children that have trouble learning a skill.
The goose cannot understand why he has trouble
flying when everyone else can. He tries and tries and finally
can fly like everyone else. It encourages them to keep trying.