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Coming soon is a book of several terrific artists that have but together their best works. Fantastic art and photography done in several mediums. Here is the page The ABC of Artnership


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Covers breeding artificial, c section, raising pups by hand, training, dog treats, confirmation, safety issues, how to handle skunk smell and much more. Very informative. Packed with information. Shows colors from light to dark. History of the breed.




This book covers the life of Romeo and Juliet, two eggs that we rescued when the nest was destroyed, hatched and raised them. It shows them hatching how to use an incubator, how they live and teaching them to fly. Covers parts of an egg as it develops into a gosling, how to tell a fertile egg. Excellent pictures of the life of the geese. They have came back for the third year to raise their babies. Very educational and good for everyone. Excellent and easy to read.