Artists, Beauty, Creativity

Showcasing various artists and their expressive creations.

This is a sneak preview to a new book The ABC of ARTnership. It is a gift to lovers of beautiful things. A group effort by 17 artists spread over 8-10 pages each in the book from all over the world to show case themselves and help each other promote creations of a high caliber . You will be astounded.





Please click on this link to see a slide show of some of the works on display: this website should
also take you to volume 2 of the artnership books


These images are from the pages and promise you great fare. The book would be a great addition to your library, as a gift, as a corporate promotional tool and so many other possibilities. Most of the products shown are offered for sale too.

The book will be available for ordering on hopefully by 1-4 June 09 or in Indian rupees through the publishers.

Please get in touch with:  “PK” at

phone: 011-41730043.


The book is of 154 pages and costs $40 on, will become available from June onwards. ISBN: 1442165359

EAN-13 : 9781442165359


Artists featured are:

Kiran Soni Gupta, PK(Pradeep), Shirish Vasant Deshpande, R C Sharma, Martha Philbeck, William Lieberz, Nin Taneja, Woody “Charcoal”, Rashi Gupta, ”Magnussa” Elisabeth, Narendra Srivastava, Prof Aekka Y Rao, Shalini Sinha, Imelda Maguire, Nataera, Sonia Singh, Shiva Hiremath